According to John Maxwell, ‘Leadership is influence — nothing more, nothing less.’

Warren Bennis called it “the capacity to translate vision into reality”.

Being a good leader is not a cakewalk. One must possess effective leadership qualities that help them achieve higher goals and objectives.

Be it the resistance and…

Do you have a habit of checking the source for the news you read from social media? Do you agree that all the news is real and correct?

if you are answers are “yes” and “No” then how to detect the fake news??

The simple solution is a few lines…

“PROJECTS” — When we think of projects word, our mind will be bombarded with personal projects like school assignments or research and development projects.

Nowadays, people are trying to create a buzz of this “PROJECT” word with new product development projects like a new product or service.

examples: Development of…

These days we are hearing a lot about AI, but have you ever heard about EDGE AI ..?

What does it mean and what is it used for?

No Clue…

let’s find out the answers in this article...

What is Edge?

Before knowing about the AI, we have to know about mankind which has a scientific name homo sapiens, which means “MAN THE WISE” because our mental capabilities are important to handle everyday work.

When people listen to the word AI, some will remember Iron man and other scientific movies, others…

In this article, we will take a look at the artificial neural network,

An artificial neural network is the structure of interconnected neurons divided into various layers by which the information flows from the input to the output layer via some hidden layers.

Each connection between neurons transmits a signal…

Definition of term “LEADER” — A person who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way.

Every one of us are leaders at some point in our life, yet only few people can become great leader. Individual need to prove a difference maker between success and failure. …

This concept is pretty cool when we just have to wave our pen in the air and write something!


This can be achieved by considering contours detection!

Contours: It is a closed curve joining all the continuous points along the boundary having the same color or intensity. …

“Life” — we are aware of this word and meaning!

Am I right? wait ..wait..wait…Do we really know the meaning of LIFE?

If so, please feel free to comment

Our perception of life tells a lot about us. we all hold various kinds of perspectives and opinions about life.


When we speak or think about the word INFLUENCE. Everyone hold there own perception.

People hold perceptions like GOOD and BAD Influences. But when you are extremely talented or beautiful/handsome being or feel something void need to be filled then Influence plays a vital role.

Please find the below mentioned…

Lendale Vijaylaxmi

Embedded Engineer, Enthusiast for learning new technologies and apply them in the real-world for seeking potential results.

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